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Alexandra Kervefors

Level World Designer/Level Designer


Dive into the deep ocean, and protect your cargo as you fight off the atlantic forces. Reach the ancient city of Atlantis and end the fight for good.

This game works as a co-op and a single playing game since there are two ships to control. The invulnerable weapon ship, and the frail cargo ship.

Genre: Shoot them up
Ref Games: Fat cat
Engine/Tool: Tiled & TGA 2D

Level Design

Three Level Designers
Five Programmers
Four Graphic artists

Skärmbild 2022-02-15 140134.png

As three level designers we each had one world stage, made of three separate levels.

I made the middle game stage, where it was moderately harder, but not the most difficult to win. To raise the stakes than the previous stage, more tougher and demanding enemies were added. The levels were also a bit longer, but to make up for the longer levels, more checkpoints were included. 

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