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Alexandra Kervefors

Level World Designer/Level Designer

This game was also a Swedish Game Awards nomination in Mobile game 2021!


You play as the small gnome Kurtis, who continues to lose his pet: Mr. Fiddles, in a giant forest. In order to find him, you have to figure out how to create a path towards his rescue and get past all the obstacles that stand in your way. Move rocks, push ladybugs and redirect light so that you’re able to see your pet again!
Kurtis is a casual mobile puzzle game, focused on laying out a plan in your mind and daring to try out new things. There are no time limits or move restrictions; just you and the problem before you.

Genre: Puzzle
Ref Games: Helltaker
Engine/Tool: Unity

Level Design/Puzzles

Three Level Designers
Five Programmers
Four Graphic artists

When making a puzzle, I first created a quick mockup sketch in Unity using the agreed-upon scale.

Since my puzzle is early in the game, I kept it simple—just move boxes to fill holes and open new paths to reach the green area.


Kurtis imagined as a tiny creature in a big world. As the puzzle was coming along I started decorating the level and testing the assets to see how they'd look on a phone.


After finishing everything, I replaced the prefabs in Unity with the correct models. I continued decorating with the foundation complete. Our graphic team added animations later, creating a cute and cozy puzzle game.

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