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Alexandra Kervefors

Level World Designer/Level Designer

Alchis is a puzzle game set on an island. Explore the environment, gather ingredients, and craft potions with unique abilities to overcome challenges and find the hidden treasure.

Genre: Puzzle, exploration
Engine/Tool: Unreal Engine

Level Design
Postprocess effects
Game Design


Game development.

This sketch covers the whole map, showing where important items will be placed. The map is divided into sections, and both the other designer and I have specific areas for collaborative planning.


I tested making the map in Unreal Engine, but it was too big initially. I scaled it down to 1/4 of the original size.

This picture shows the first map base with temporary assets, helping achieve our desired visual style.

I made the last part of the map bigger to address the short gameplay feeling. I extended the map and added another puzzle with a giant wall blocking the entrance and an avoidance water challenge.

Early gameplay videos featuring puzzle-solving.

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