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Alexandra Kervefors

Level World Designer/Level Designer

Monsters roam free in the deep swamps.

It is up to Pontius, a revered knight of the high order,  to stop these horrendous attacks. 

However, during his quest, he realise there are bigger forces at hand,  and he must gather his inner light to stop the evil from killing all of humanity.


Genre:  ARPG

Ref Games:  Diablo 3

Engine: Own Custom Engine


Level Design


Before starting with the engine, I sketched the layout for the first part of the world, inspired by a Diablo game.
The design featured different paths leading to the same endpoint.

The map was split into sections, and I focused on the part starting just outside the hub area.
Since we were unsure about our engine's landscape rendering capability, I created the path using box meshes to lay the foundation for the beginning.


The map expanded and split into two parts. While the other designer worked on the event and boss area, I focused on the maps in between.

After confirming the landscape prefab could be used in our engine, I began shaping it to match the existing base path.

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